“When faced with huge decisions, many would rather put their fate in the hands of fortune-tellers instead of themselves. MiuMiu is one of them. Struggling between a steady job as an accountant and her lifelong dream as a singer, MiuMiu searches for guidance. But who will be her guiding light? Others? Deities? Or herself?”

Starring singer Melody Wu, the latest short film by Feedthedog Production “In a Trance with the Tempo of Temple Street” is out now!The microfilm is available for public viewing on the official website of the 9th Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music). A public vote would be open until March 4, 2022, for the Most Popular Microfilm award. Click the yellow button below and go watch ((and maybe vote for us)) now!

Produced by: Feedthedog Production
Directed by: Maisy Goosy Suen
Written by: Fox Yip, Jackie Wong
Art Director: Yick Ka Wing
Edited by: Jackie Wong
Starring: Melody Wu
Music Supported by: STRAW MUSIC LIMITED

Song: 《廟廟》 & 《淼淼》
Composed by: Melody Wu
Lyrics by: Melody Wu
Arranged by: s.w.f.
Produced by: s.w.f. & Melody Wu